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WOC C4756
Wizards of the Coast

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Battlebond Booster

Battlebond is the first set in Magic's history designed specifically for Two-Headed Giant play! The new mechanics in Battlebond are unlike anything we've ever done in Magic, and they really elevate the promise of Two-Headed Giant to its full potential! In Battlebond, we're going to Kylem, a never-before-seen plane in the Multiverse! On this world, beings flock from all over the plane to the arena of Valor's Reach, where two-on-two combat is the pinnacle of sport. The goal of the combatants isn't to kill their opponents outright, but to defeat them with style and flair. It's not really a win unless your spells and spectacles cause the crowd to go wild in the process! There are 254 unique cards in total, and 85 of those cards are brand new, all of which will immediately be legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage! The rest are all reprints, some of which even have spiffy new artwork.


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